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Cabin crew training Institute in Mumbai

Cabin crew course in Mumbai

Flight attendant and Cabin crew training institute in Mumbai

Cabin crew courses in Mumbai Join Air hostess and Cabin crew training institute in Mumbai


The job might take you into the clouds, but you need some down-to-earth skills to work as a cabin crew. Cabin crew are also known as Flight Attendants, Air Hostess, and Flight Stewards. They are primarily on board an aircraft for the safety and welfare of the passengers and secondly for their comfort.

We offer comprehensive, theoretical and practical training in all flight safety and emergency procedures for cabin crew personnel. Our programmes guarantee maximum safety, ensuring ability and preparedness of crew to handle emergency situations on board. Our Course is recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAAi) of United Kingdom and on completion of this course students will get a Certificate which is recognised by CAAi & other Aviation Regulators World Wide.

The training includes two modules with Module 1 to be conducted in Mumbai and Module 2 in Bahrain

MODULE 1: In - Fight Theory

  1. Introduction to the aviation world and airline industry terminology.
  2. History of aviation.
  3. Theory of flight; the effect of the weather on aviation operations.
  4. Being a good team player: Crew room duties
  5. Grooming: General etiquette and image enhancement.
  6. Conversational proficiency.
  7. Product and service equipment familiarization.
  8. Understanding the basics of customer service, safety and comfort of passengers.
  9. Learning to anticipate passenger requirements
  10. Food and beverage to include wine, spirits and cheese.
  11. Developing the customer service attitude and personality.
  12. Guest Delight: Mastering the art of delivering world class service.
  13. In flight Sales Management: Selling skills.
  14. Delivering Effective Cabin Announcements: Diction, vocabulary and finesse.
  15. Interview delivery skills.
  16. Basic aviation safety training and first aid training.
  17. Career counselling.
  18. Grooming, general etiquette and image management.
  19. Confidence and motivation.
  20. Conversational proficiency.
  21. Developing the emotional quotient: Effective people management skills.
  22. Capitalizing on strengths and recognizing areas of development.
  23. Understanding the basics of customer service, safety and comfort of passengers.
  24. Soft skills orientation.
  25. Interview skills.

Module 2: Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) Training

  1. Fire and Smoke training
  2. Water Survival Training
  3. Survival Training
  4. First Aid
  5. Passenger Handling
  6. Dangerous Goods Training
  7. Security Procedures
  8. Communication
  9. Discipline and Responsibilities
  10. Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Conversion and difference training

  1. Operation of Doors and Exits
  2. Evacuation Slide Training
  3. Evacuation Procedures and Emergency Situations
  4. Crowd Control
  5. Pilot Incapacitation
  6. Safety Equipment

Eligibility Criteria


18 & Above

cabin crew training


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Mumbai Address :
1004 Lotus Trade Centre, Next to D N Nagar Metro Station , New Link Road , Andheri West , Opp Star Bazaar.

Ahmedabad Address :
605, Venus Amadeus, Opp Jodhpur BRTS, Jodhpur Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380015