BOEING 787 Dreamliner

This fantastic aircraft and the largest aircraft being manufactured in the boeing facility. This aircraft was given the name boeing 787 the “dreamliner” as it can fly long haul routes without any problem. It was suggested with many other names like Global cruiser, stratoclimber and eLiner.

This boeing 787 is a very successful aircraft. The 787 has a mid sized wide body and long range twin engine jet airliner. This aircraft was designed to replace the old version of boeing 767. It is boeings most fuel efficient aircraft till date. It is 20% more efficient than the boeing 767.There are many features in this jet airliner which distinguishes it from other aircrafts the main features are

Electrical flight systems

  • Swept wingtips
  • Noise reduction chevrons on its engine nacelles

The first boeing 787 DREAMLINER  took its first flight on 15th December in 2009. The first airline to bring boeing 787 in use was “All Nippon Airways” on 26th of October 2011. After that it was brought in to use by many airlines.The primary user airlines of this jet airliner are


There are various models of this dreamliner namely

  • 787-3
  • 787-8
  • 787-9
  • 787-10

The boeing 787-8 dreamliner is designed to seat 234 passengers in a 3class setup, 240in two –class domestic configuration